Ogun OG 525 The joy of paranoia

Lol Coxhill

Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone; Michael Garrick, electric piano; Paul Mitchelll-Davidson, bass guitar; Ken Shaw, electric guitar; Veryan Weston, piano; Richard Wright, Spanish guitar.

  1. The Wakefield capers (18.45)
    Personnel: Coxhill/Mitchell-Davidson/Shaw/Wright; recorded at Bretton Hall, Wakefield.
    The Clück variations:
  2. First movement: prelude to familiarity (01.05)
  3. Second movement: in pursuit of rumble (02.05)
  4. Third movement: explanatory passage (02.53)
  5. Fourth movement: prelude to paranoia (01.48)
    Personnel: Coxhill/Weston; recorded at Hatfield Music Centre.
  6. Joy of paranoia waltz (02.12)
    Coxhill solo; recorded at Mekon Studios, London.
  7. Loverman (05.15)
  8. Perdido (07.21)
    Personnel: Coxhill/Garrick; recorded at Fairway Tavern, Panshanger.
Front cover etching (reproduced above) by Claire Coxhill.

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