Ogun OG 600 Ovary lodge

Keith Tippett/Harry Miller/Frank Perry/Julie Tippetts

Keith Tippett, piano, harmonium, recorder, voice, maracas; Harry Miller, bass; Frank Perry, percussion, voice, hsiao (Chinese bamboo flute), Shêng (Chinese bamboo mouth organ); Julie Tippetts, voice, sopranino recorder, er-hu (two string Chinese violin).

  1. Gentle one says hello (14.00)
  2. Fragment no. 6 (08.45)
  3. A man carrying a drop of water on a leaf through a thunderstorm (05.10)
  4. Communal travel (17.40)
  5. Coda (01.00)
Recorded live at Nettlefold Hall, London on 6 August 1975.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Liz Walton.

Re-issued on CD in June 2007 as OGCD 021.

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