Okka Disk OD12034 Armstrong


Peter van Bergen, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, electronics; Gerald Bouwhuis, piano; Huib Emmer, electric guitar; Johan Faber, drums, percussion; Patricio Wang, electric bass guitar, electric guitar; Dennis Rudge, vocals.

  1. FTE.1 (Damnila) (18.17)
  2. FA5.1 (04.57)
  3. FE.3 (Life/death) (11.25)
  4. F.001.6 (03.46)
  5. FT.1 (12.03)
  6. FA.3 (06.38)
  7. FL.1 (03.43)
Recorded on 30 June/1&2 July 1999 at Airwave Recording Studios, Chicago.

Art (front CD cover reproduced above) by William Mohline; design by Louise Molnar.

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