Okka Disk OD12056 Extraordinary popular delusions


Jim Baker, piano, synthesizer electric piano; Steve Hunt, drums, percussion; Brian Sandstrom, bass and electric guitar; Mars Williams, saxophones.

  1. Hail to these, Malthusia (03.57)
  2. Devil may care: though perhaps not as much as might have been hoped (08.10)
  3. Futile jester (02.00)
  4. Experiments on animals in space (06.09)
  5. Space on experiments in animals (03.46)
  6. Goat and adding machine ritual (14.02)
  7. Somebody rang a bell (08.13)
  8. Feudal gestures (12.25)
  9. "...that which, when you stop believing in it..." (08.39)
Recorded at Sparrow Sound Design, Chicago on 17 August 2005.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) Series I, Painting I by Adrienne Pierluissi; graphic design by Louise Molnar.

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