Okka Disk OD12061 Cuts


Paal Nilssen-Love, drums; Nate McBride, bass; Ken Vandermark, reeds.

  1. Part 1: Other side up/Boadas [for Joan Miró] (13.06)
  2. Part 2: Necessary?/Reset/Slip [for Eero Saarinen] (19.38)
  3. Part 3: Static (A hundred yards) Static [for Antoni Tàpies] (15.53)
  4. Part 4: Broken (Sentence) Broken [for Shellac] (17.25)
  5. Part 5: Heavy light [for Christian Wolff] (08.11)
Recorded 25/26 October 2004 at Rock Studio, Oslo, Norway.

Sculptures (front cover reproduced above) by Carl Nilssen-Love; design by Louise E. Molnar.

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