Okka Disk OD12071 Montage

Free Music Ensemble

Paal Nilssen-Love, drums; Nate McBride, bass; Ken Vandermark, reeds.

    CD 1: Boston
  1. On a wire (for Sergio Leone)/Montage (for Sergei Eisenstein)/False rabbit (for Federico Fellini) (19.34)
  2. But only almost (for Takeshi Kitano)/Looking at Dutch stairs (for Buster Keaton) (17.17)
  3. Drift (for John Cassavetes)/Decoder (for Stanley Kubrick) (14.56)
  4. New reference (for Peter Greenaway)/Ottica (for Akira Kurosawa)/Exit the republic (for Orson Welles) (19.01)
    CD 2: Montreal
  1. Exit the republic (for Orson Welles)/Drift (for John Cassavetes)/Ottica (for Akira Kurosawa)/New reference (for Peter Greenaway)/Decoder (for Stanley Kubrick) (19.34)
  2. But only almost (for Takeshi Kitano)/False rabbit (for Federico Fellini)/Montage (for Sergei Eisenstein) (26.05)
  3. On a wire (for Sergio Leone)/Looking at Dutch stairs (for Buster Keaton) (16.06)
CD 1 was recordd in concert at Artists At Large, Hyde Park, Boston, Massachusetts on 22 September 2005; CD 2 was recorded in concert at the Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival in Montreal, Quebec on 23 September 2005.

Design and images (front cover reproduced above) by Jon Resh.

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