Olof Bright OBCD13 24 pictures at an exhibition, 2005

Christina Kubisch

Compositions by Christina Kubisch; texts by Christina Kubisch and Thomas Millroth; voice, Thomas Millroth.
  1. Olja på duk/Oil on canvas (13.20); "This composition follows the typical information about a piece of art - name, born, dead, title, technique, etc. The material consists of the descriptions of the pictures that were replaced by loudspeakers in the collection. The piece brings the art historic information to the absurd."
  2. Rundvandring/Tour (08.20); "An imaginary acoustic tour through the collection in the Ystad Art Museum."
  3. Samlingen/The collection (04.33); "A compact history of art."
24 pictures at an exhibition was produced for and showed in Ystad Art Museum from May 14 to August 28 2005 during the Openmusic-festival.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) by Christina Kubisch in cooperation with Stenmark & Co, Malmö.

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