Panrec PANDVD06P Moods and modes

Nils Wolgram/Simon Nabatov

Nils Wolgram, trombone; Simon Nabatov, piano.

  1. Moods and modes
  2. Assuming
  3. Full stop
  4. First thought - best thought
  5. Split the difference
  6. Moving in
  7. Dança nova
  8. Speak up!
  9. The song I knew
The 66 minute black and white DVD, available in PAL and NTSC formats, was produced by Peter Bürli with Nils Wogram and Simon Nabatov and is released on PanRec is association with Plushmusic.

Recorded at Radio Studio Zürich in July 2009.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Corinne Hächler, Riografik.

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