Paradigm Discs 02 Charivari music


The group consisted of seven people at the time of recording, but for all sessions except the live track, the line-ups are amalgams of various members and instrumentation; so the instrumentation presented here is meant as a guide only.

Adam Bohman, prepared violin, balalaika, objects; Ron Briefel, vocals, electronics; Andy Courdry, percussion, mouthorgan; Clive Graham, springs, electronics; Clive Hall, objects, keyboards, electronics, piano; Michael Prime, water machine, biofeedback, radio, electronics; Roger Sutherland, percussion, piano; Andy Weir, guest on Buttons.

Solarisation bridge (05.17), Stentor no. 1 (10.01), Buttons (14.59), Preview piece (13.24), Stentor no. 2 (11.52), Shorepoints (17.17).

Recorded 1993 - 1996; Shorepoints recorded live at the LMC Festival 1994.

Cover (reproduced above) by Clive Graham; paintings by Roger Sutherland.

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