Paradigm Discs 03 Menagerie/Beach singularity/Vocalise

Trevor Wishart & friends

    Tracks 1-10: Menagerie: began life in 1974 when Trevor Wishart asked a number of well known British performance artists to build small assemblages for an exhibition in which each object would be accompanied by appropriate taped sounds. The exhibition, consisting of eleven assemblages, was first prepared for the Birmingham Arts Lab and presented there in January 1975. The accompanying tapes were all made at The University of York Electronic Music Studio by Trevor Wishart.

  1. Musical box (02.18)
  2. Vision (02.39)
  3. Still life (04.36)
  4. Feeder (03.38)
  5. Sardine candle (01.50)
  6. Aqualung (05.24)
  7. Spam guitar (02.37)
  8. Window box 03.18)
  9. Ark (03.45)
  10. Dreamer 04.43)

  11. Beach singularity (20.56). This piece was performed on the beaches at Morecambe, Cleveleys, St. Annes, and Southport in the summer of 1977. The Palm Beach Orchestra is: Poppy Holden, vocals; Lyn Dobson, saxophones; Melvyn Poore, tuba; Robin Coombes, clarinet; Dick Witts, percussion, vocals; Martin Mayes, horn, vocals; Trevor Wishart, tapes, miscellaneous vocals.

  12. Vocalise (09.42). An edited version of a live performance by Trevor Wishart at Recommended Records, London on 30 March 1991.
Menagerie and Beach singularity previously released on LP in 1979.

Artwork (reproduced above) by Clive Graham.

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