Paradigm Discs 06 Beyond the black crack

Anal Magic and Rev. Dwight Frizzell

Black Crack and the Sole Survivors are: Rev. Dwight Frizzell, tenor saxophone, clarinet, audio oscillator, chair, trash can, pins, soybeans; Mike Roach, clarinet, vocals with laughs, tenor saxophone, dancing; Kurt Eckhardt, mouth flute, percussion, pins, soy, alteration. Featuring special guests: Rev. Tommy Gomersall, tin cans, piano, vocals; Rich, lights and percussion; Rush Rankin, clarinet, imagistic inspiration; Rev. Jim Rogers, kazoo; Gary Jeffers, sousaphone, percussion; Bill Jones, sousaphone; Sylvia Thomas, harmonica; Radio Rich Dalton, guitar; Bill Scanlon, percussio, tape machine; and many others...

  1. Black crack and the sole survivors (12.36)
  2. Hot fudge (01.11)
  3. Get it out of your system (06.18)
  4. Chili supper polka (02.20)
  5. Journey of turtles (06.31)
  6. Pre-transformation of turtle to bird (05.27)
  7. Nocturnal (02.04)
  8. Fly by night (07.50)
  9. O what joy it is to know you have a turtle heart (04.11)
  10. Embryonic music (03.34)
  11. Copulation of Basilea and Hyperion (04.50)
  12. Family, birth of Helio and Selene (06.47)
  13. Destruction - slaying of Hyperion, drowning of Helio, suicide of Selene and the wandering madness of Basilea (02.24)
  14. How to avoid simultaneity (02.54)
Tracks 1-9 were originally released to commemorate the First Annual End of the World Celebration, November 18 1976 Poster and cover design (reproduced above) by Kurt Eckhardt adn Rev. Dwight Frizzell.

Beyond the black crack was originally released in mono in an edition of 200 copies by Cavern Custom in 1976 (cat. no. 6104-12); re-assembly of the LP, production and artwork by Clive Graham.

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