Paradigm Discs 12 Natural selection

Rev. Dwight Frizzell

  1. Scrat (18.08)
  2. Body of the film (02.55)
  3. First painting (05.23)
  4. The rising surfs of the body opening (02.26)
  5. Nocturnal (14.21)
  6. Building the earth (28.18)
  7. Film making (01.13)
'Natural selection was recorded in an ancient Ozark sinkhole, a plastics factory, a Gothic church and other acoustically rich areas in Missouri. These communal efforts and soundscape feedbacks were produced between 1975 and 1996, and freely orchestrate Tesla coll, river whirlpools, bass clarinet, dog-whistle, violin, oscillator, bassoon, CB radio and pipe organ' (notes on back of jewel case)

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Dan Frueh.

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