Paradigm Discs 15 Dar-as-sulh vol. 1


  1. dENTISTS fOR mICE (17.11): collage of sound from unreleased work and media edits.
  2. tRAWLER lEAVING hARBOUR (01.30): recorded early morning June 1997/Scarborough lighthouse.
  3. eXCERPT fROM kANDINSKY'S "iM bLAU" (07.30): a transposition of the painting using RGB values to feed the frequency output.
  4. cRICKETS iN tHE wIND (03.48): Blackstone Rock, Devon, around midnight 29 September 1997.
  5. tISEDNI (10.59): sound source is a spin dryer.
  6. bEES (03.11): Chew Lake, Bristol, summer 1998.
  7. lORENZ aTTRACTOR (23.00): an investigation into complex tones in motion.
Cover (reproduced above) by 040.

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