Paradigm Discs 18 Journey into space

Trevor Wishart

Including contributions from: Cliff Atkinson, Ruth Andrews, Andrew Bentley, Steve Beresford, Richard Bolley, Anne Boyd, John Cardale, Howard Cheeseman, Peter Coleman, Rosalind Davies, Tom Endrich, Danny Evans, Kathy Foster, Randall Giles, Nicola Hadley, Jonty Harrison, Stanley Haynes, Vic Hoyland, Rosemary Hughes, Andrew Jacobson, Matthew Jacobson (the baby), Neil Lamb, Judy Lieber, John Low, Roger Marsh, Andy McGhie, Peter Meanwell, Ian MIlroy, Dominic Muldowney, Ed Nelson, George Nicholson, Kathy Nicholson, Richard Orton, Richard Pickett, Liz Piggott, Steve Pogson, Bernard Rands, Shirly Salmon, Dick Langham Smith, Martin Wesley Smith, Jan Steele, Phil Virdon, Jim Webster, Jackie Wishart.

  1. Birth dream (13.03)
  2. Journey (47.29)
  3. Arrival (18.18)
"made in the Unversity of York Electronic Music Studio, between January 1970 and December 1972."

Journey into space was originally released in 1973 as two LPs in similar but separate sleeves. There were no label details or catalogue numbers given.

Re-package design (front cover reproduced above) by Clive Graham.

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