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Henry Threadgill & Make a Move

Henry Threadgill, alto saxophone, flute; Bryan Carrott, vibraphone, marimba; Brandon Ross, electric guitar, acoustic guitar; Stomu Takeshi, electric bass, acoustic bass guitar; Dafnis Prieto, trap drums.
  1. Platinum inside straight (07.10)
  2. Don't turn around (07.32)
  3. Biggest crumb (04.42)
  4. Burnt til recognition (07.35)
  5. Where coconuts fall (06.32)
  6. Pink water pink airplane (03.42)
  7. Shake it off (05.07)
  8. What to do, what to do (08.08)
Recorded at Orange Music Sound Studio, West Orange, NJ on 25/26/27 February 2001.

Front cover art (reproduced above) by Leandro Oliveira.

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