PI Recordings PI02 Up popped the two lips

Henry Threadgill’s Zooid

Henry Threadgill, alto saxophone, flute; Liberty Ellman, acoustic guitar; Tarik Benbrahim, oud; Jose Davila, tuba; Dana Leong, cello; Dafnis Prieto, drums.
  1. Tickled pink (06.54)
  2. Dark black (05.26)
  3. Look (04.54)
  4. Around my goose (08.00)
  5. Calm down (05.35)
  6. Did you see that (07.43)
  7. Do the needful (06.53)
Recorded at Orange Music Sound Studio, West Orange, NJ on 28/29/30 April 2001.

Front cover art (reproduced above) by Kathryn Chan.

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