PI Recordings PI11 [Sirius calling]

Art Ensemble of Chicago

Roscoe Mitchell, piccolo, flute, bass and great bass recorders, sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and bass saxophones, percussion cage; Malachi Favors Maghostut, bass, percussion; Famoudou Don Moye, drums, congas, bongo & counsel drums, bells, whistles, gongs, chimes; Joseph Jarman, wooden flutes, C flute, Eb flute, flute and bass flute, Eb sopranino clarinet, sopranino, alto and tenor saxophones, percussion, wooden stand drum, bells, gongs, table vibraphone, whistles.
  1. Sirius calling (03.23)
  2. Come on y'all (03.25)
  3. Two-twenty [DM/JJ] (02.20)
  4. He took a cab to Neptune (06.22)
  5. Everyday's a perfect day [DM/JJ] (02.47)
  6. Till Autumn [RM] (06.06)
  7. Dance of circles (05.37)
  8. Crusing with JJ (04.33)
  9. You can't get away (03.48)
  10. Taiko (09.11)
  11. There's a message for you (04.19)
  12. Slow tenor and bass [RM] (05.19)
  13. Voyage [MF/RM] (03.30)
  14. The council (03.32)
Recorded 4-6 April 2003 at Audio for the Arts, Madison, Wisconsin.

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