PI Recordings PI12 Juncture

Various artists

  1. DJ Spooky with Daniel Bernard Roumain, violin: Code blue (04.22)
  2. James Hurt: Greed (Be careful what U wish 4) (04.34)
  3. Turing Machine [Justin Chearno, guitars; Scott DeSimon, basses; Gerhardt Fuchs, drums]: Friday I died (04.40)
  4. High Priest: Third rail (03.59)
  5. Vijay Iyer [Vijay Iyer, piano, electronics; Matana Roberts, alto saxophone; Okkyung Lee, cello; Tyshawn Sorey, drums]: Imperium (Peace prize/War crimes) (06.16)
  6. Mike Ladd, electronics: L'il boy (Dirty git-git) (06.45)
  7. Vernon Reid, programming, electronics: Dystophere 3 (06.43)
  8. Lorenzo Pace [Lorenzo Pace, flute, voice, percussion, shells; Makudy Sall, voice, hand percussion, woodblocks, small drum; Warren Smith, large drum, talking drum, percussion, thumb piano, whistles]: Jalani's jungle music (05.29)
  9. Jay Collins [Jay Collins, flute, tenor saxophone; Diego Voglino, drums; Dred Scott, piano; Jonathan Robinson, bass]: Character (05.18)
  10. Micah Gaugh [Micah Gaugh, keyboards, programming; Leon Gruenbaum, samples; Danny Chavis, guitar, bass]: Jet set (03.20)
  11. The Real Live Show [Stimulus and Dionysos, vocals; Raymond Angry, keyboards; Kim Thompson, drums; P-Version, bass]: Sweet poison (04.30)
Recorded 4-6 April 2003 at Audio for the Arts, Madison, Wisconsin.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Michel Majerus.

"Juncture is a large collaborative project based on the work of over fifty artists in story, drawing and song. The compositions here are inspired by stories in Juncture: 25 very good stories and 12 excellent drawings published by Softskull Press.

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