PI Recordings PI20 Non-cognitive aspects of the city: live at Iridium

Art Ensemble of Chicago

Roscoe Mitchell, piccolo flute, flute, sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, percussion; Jaribu Shahid, bass, electric bass, percussion; Famoudou Don Moye, drums, African drums, congas, bongo drums; Corey Wilkes, trumpet, pocket trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion; Joseph Jarman, flute, bass flute, sopranino, alto and tenor saxophones, percussion, vocals.
    Disc one
  1. Song for my sister (17.00)
  2. The morning mist (06.47)
  3. Song for Charles (08.52)
  4. On the mountain (19.25)
  5. Big red peaches (07.34)
  6. Odwalla (05.21)
    Disc two
  1. Erika (19.59)
  2. Malachi (09.01)
  3. The J song (11.46)
  4. Red sand green water (14.28)
  5. Slow tenor and bass (02.27)
  6. Odwalla (03.59)
Recorded 2/3 April 2004 at Iridium Jazz Club, New York.

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