NIL 84329 Sept vibrations: d'après les extraits de correspondance de Vélimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922)

Alain Joule/Michel Doneda

Alain Joule, percussion, voice; Michel Doneda, soprano saxophone, voice; Laure Florentin, soprano (voice).

  1. (01.36)
  2. (01.29)
  3. (01.58)
  4. (01.29)
  5. (01.26)
  6. (02.05)
  7. (03.40)
Recorded in 1993 at the studio AID, Pernes les Fontaines, France (see below).

This is an 8cm CD presented in a postcard - folded over and stapled to create a pocket - with graphics by Max Baussan. The 'vibrations' presented are certainly in a different order to that on the full length CD Le chameau d'Ispahan, NIL 84327 and in some cases differ in timing. NB the number on the postcard is NIL 84328 although that on the CD is NIL 84329. Recording date taken from full size CD.

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