Poil - Ouïe Dire Production 0799 Grésigne

Martine Altenburger/Jean Pallandre/Laurence Elvézi

Martine Altenburger, cello; Jean Pallandre, microphones; Laurence Elvézi, graphics.

  1. La bouriette (10.57)
  2. Le santussou (05.14)
  3. Dans les peupliers (07.50)
  4. Champ la nuit (02.44)
  5. Grésigne (03.32)
  6. Cayla (12.20)
Recorded in July 1999 in various sites in the forest of Grésigne, Tarn, France.

Cover design (reproduced above), and other cards in package, by Laurence Elvézi.

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