Poil 7792 Eclipses

Michel Doneda/Jean Pallandre

Michel Doneda, soprano saxophone; Jean Pallandre, sound manipulation; Vladimire Skoda, Sculpture and drawings; The Tarn river, natural sounds.

Eclipses (28.40).

Recorded 1992 at the Moulins Albigeois, France, co-existent with an exhibition of metal sculptures by Vladimire Skoda and adjacent to the swollen River Tarn; recorded by Jean Pallandre and then re-mixed in the studio by Jean Pallandre and Michel Doneda to create 'an electroacoustic image of this moment'. 120 special editions of the compact disc were produced accompanied by original drawings of Vladimir Skoda.The music is divided into three distinct sections, the first sounding as if Doneda is almost being swamped by the raging Tarn, the sound of the soprano swelling and dying like the water; the second (beginning around 13.30) comprising long toned and extreme multiphonics before subsiding into a quieter version of the same idea; and the third, starting at 22.30 being performed in a near silence punctuated by distinct plops of water is if from the ceiling of the performance space.

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