AnAnAnA HHH 001 Way out: new music from Portugal vol. 1

Various musicians

  1. No Noise Reduction [Rafael Toral/João Paulo Feliciano], modified electronic toys, electronics: On air (02.54)
  2. Nuno Rebelo, mutant portuguese guitar: Pink pong (05.18)
  3. Carlos Bechegas, flute, electronics: Odnora-Japari (07.51)
  4. Bernado Devlin, breath, glasses; Oliver Vogt, saxophone mouthpieces: Eye of the tiger (05.12)
  5. Albrecht Loop, guitar loops: Alkaline #1 low (06.54)
  6. Emanuel Dimas Pimenta, electronics: Ware (05.06)
  7. Luís Desirat: COV34 (07.48)
  8. Vitriol [Paul Raposo/João Santos, electronics]: Rizoma nocturno (05.57)
  9. Genoveva Faísca, vocals, electronics: Torch song (07.34)
  10. Rafael Toral, guitar loops: Liveloops (05.11)
  11. Carlos Zingaro, violin, electronics: Blood pool (05.30)
  12. João Paulo Feliciano, sampler: Coltstink blues (05.37)
  13. Manuel M. Mota/José Oliveira, guitar/percussion: Teufel musik (05.24)
"Each of the compositions and improvisations are produced by the artists."

Cover art by Carlos Raimundo.

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