sirr 2007 Cage of sand

Carlos Zingaro

Carlos Zingaro, violin, electronics.

  1. The cities and the dead (09.16)
  2. White fire (05.45)
  3. Structural functions (07.53)
  4. Creative carving (05.35)
  5. Representations of beasts (05.45)
  6. Logic and ordered space (05.54)
  7. Radio insects (06.41)
  8. Sedimentary deposit of suffering (04.33)
  9. Nothing is remote (04.54)
"pieces for violin and electronics in real time with very little editing and remixing and where all the base elements are originated in the violin. Recorded at ZNGR-Nature Morte Studio, Lisbon between September 2001 and March 2002."

Cover design and photography (front cover reproduced above) by M. Behrens.

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