Po Torch Records PTR/JWD 13/14 The ericle of Dolphi

Evan Parker/Paul Rutherford/Dave Holland/Paul Lovens

Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones; Paul Rutherford, trombone; Dave Holland, double bass, cello; Paul Lovens, selected drums and cymbals, singende säge.

    PTW/JWD 13:
  1. To meet a (23.36)
  2. To meet b (15.14)
    Quartet recording from 3 November 1976 at the Quartier Latin, Berlin during the 9. Total Music Meeting.

    PTW/JWD 14:

  3. To stay a (first part) (24.12)
  4. To stay a (continued) (16.33)
  5. To stay b (06.03)
    Trio (without Holland) recording from 27 April 1985 at the Arts Theatre, London during the Incus festival.
Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Achim Zielinski.
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