Po Torch Records PTR/JWD 19S The strange and the commonplace

Quintet Moderne

Paul Rutherford, trombone; Paul Lovens, drum and cymbals; Teppo Hauta-aho, double bass; Harri Sjostrom, soprano saxophone; Phil Wachsmann, violin.

  1. The strange and the commonplace (03.30)
Played in Jarvenpaa, Finland on 4 November, 1989; live DAT recording by Phil Wachsmann.

Front cover painting (partly reproduced above) by Christine Lovens, photographed by Anne Gold.

Single-sided 12" released 1991.

The sleeve notes indicate the circumstances in which the piece was recorded, starting with 'Late 1989 we did some concerts in Finland, the last of which put us in one of the classical situations: huge stage, immense auditorium - five musicians, eleven listeners'.

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