Po Torch PTR/JWD 4 The inclined stick

Paul Lytton

Paul Lytton, miscellaneous percussion and live electronics.

Um ulm und um ulm herum (02.30), oiloffersoddenkneesstopperedlaundrywrote (11.16), Occam's razor (06.39), Brummnummer (04.01) A strange bird (04.18), I can't get started [a quick bowl job](13.49).

oiloffersoddenkneesstopperedlaundrywrote recorded at Neue Galerie, Aachen on 16 December 1977 during a concert given by the 1. Aachener Musiker Kooperative.

All other tracks recorded June/July 1979 at home in Plombieres, Belgium.

Front cover photograph (part of which is reproduced above), by Ellen Valter.

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