psi 06.07 Biosystem

Spontaneous Music Ensemble

John Stevens, percussion and cornet; Nigel Coombes, violin; Roger Smith, guitar; Colin Wood, cello.

  1. Biosystem (12.46)
  2. Mystery (06.50)
  3. Replanted (14.12)
  4. Back to the beginning for the first time (06.50)
  5. Another beginning (09.57)
  6. Restored (11.23)
  7. Saved by the bell (02.16)
  8. The bell and beyond (13.39)
Recorded at Riverside Studios, London 28 June 1977.

Produced by Evan Parker.

Cover painting (reproduced above) Repartee by Geoff Rigden.

Tracks 1-4 and 7 previously issued as Incus LP 24; Martin Davidson has restored tracks 6, 7, 8 above to the continuous performance they appear to have been played as, which means the order of tracks is different from the LP.

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