psi 12.05 Day and night

Gerd Dudek

Gerd Dudek, tenor and soprano saxophones; Hans Koller, piano; Oli Hayhurst, double bass; Gene Calderazzo, drums.

  1. Step tempest (04.50)
  2. Congeniality (08.20
  3. Blues à la carte (06.53
  4. Duke Ellington's Sound of Love (10.01
  5. Blues to you (05.36
  6. We salute the night (07.32
  7. Fedora (07.20
  8. Der Tag mit seinem Lichte  (05.49
Recorded 30 January 2012 at Curtis Schwartz Studio, Ardingly, West Sussex, England. Produced by Evan Parker.

Illustration (front cover reproduced above) by Rina Donnersmarck.

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