!Quartz 006 Up your sleeve


Peter Cusack, wah wah guitar, nylon string guitar, electric guitar; Steve Beresford, bass guitar, piano, euphonium, violin, small instruments, toy electric guitar, snapits, toy piano, lo-grade electronics; Terry Day, drum kit, percussion, cello, alto saxophone, mandolin, reeds, small instruments, crackle box; David Toop, flutes, 1 string fiddle, water whistles, decoys, electric guitar, bass guitar, small instruments.

  1. He feels like a Doris Day
  2. Trail of traps
  3. The life and opinions of Masseur Ichi
  4. Not so dumb deaf and mute heroine
  5. Fear of mayonnaise
  6. Stand by your sheep
  7. Party political
Tracks 1 recorded at the BIMHuis, Amsterdam on 30 January 1980; tracks 2 and 3 recorded at the Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels on 2 February 1980; tracks 4 - 7 recorded at the London Musician's Collective on 9 March 1980.

Sleeve design (reproduced above), by David Toop.

Released on LP in 1980.

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