Ramboy #28A Baarle Nassau Set 1

Available Jelly

Eric Boeren, cornet; Wolter Wierbos, trombone; Michael Moore, alto saxophone, clarinet; Toby Delius, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Ernst Glerum, bass; Michael Vatcher, drums, percussion.
  1. Lovelock (06.48)
  2. Khek Burates/Bulan (04.43)
  3. The gamekeeper (06.09)
  4. Fanfare (09.14)
  5. Weary-eyed (07.14)
  6. Isfahan (05.12)
  7. Autoclisme (08.39)
Recorded on 3 March 2007 at Plushok, Baarle Nassau, the Netherlands.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Isabelle Vigier.

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