Random Acoustics RA 005 Groundwork

Melvyn Poore

Tuba, stereo delay system: One two three [1986] (05.48).

Tuba solo: Stand alone I [1994] (05.44), Stoneground [1991] (01.22).

Tuba, tape records: Playback I [1978] (06.46).

Tuba solo: Stand alone II [1994] (04.43).

Prepared tuba, 4-channel amplification: Tubassoon [1979] (06.20).

Tuba, live electronics: And finally [1993] )11.07).

Tuba solo: Stand alone III [1994] (04.04).

Tape music: Study in moving sounds [1994] (03.16).

Stand alone I, II and III recorded at LOFT, Koln, 10 May 1994; One two three, Playback I, and And finally recorded at Royal College of Music, London on 1 and 2 August 1994; Tubassoon recorded at Royal College of Music, London on 25 May 1994; Stoneground recorded at Schloss Solitude; and Study in moving sounds produced at ZKM Karlsruhe.

(Artwork and design by Hans Schneider and Georg Graewe.

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