Random Acoustics 019 Perfect world

Gerry Hemingway Quintet

Michael Moore, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet; Wolter Wierbos, trombone; Ernst Reijseger, cello; Mark Dresser, bass; Gerry Hemingway, drums, sampler.

  1. Perfect world (22.08)
  2. Little suite (20.15)
  3. N.T. [quintet version] (05.26)
  4. Village of the virgins (05.26)
  5. Sinsulu song (07.23)
Tracks 1, 2 recorded at the Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham, England on 12 March 1995; track 3 recorded at BIM huis, Amsterdam on 25 March 1995; tracks 4 and 5 recorded at Stadtgarten, Köln on 28 March 1995.

Artwork and design by Graewe/Moosdruck; photograph (reproduced below) by Francesca Patella.

Produced by Gerry Hemingway.

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