Rare Music RM028 Addictive tendencies

Tubby Hayes Quartet

Tubby Hayes, tenor saxophone; Mike Pyne, piano; Ron Mathewson, bass; Tony Levin, drums.

    CD One
  1. Walkin' (13.24)
  2. Tubby's "a little work out" announcement (00.41)
  3. Tubby's "I have a new quartet" announcement (02.11)
  4. Alone together (25.53)
  5. Tubby's announcement (00.21)
    CD Two
  1. Tubby's announcement (00.19)
  2. Off the wagon (20.33)
  3. Tubby's announcement (00.12)
  4. When my baby gets mad watch out (12.30)
  5. What is this thing called love (11.51)
Recorded 1966.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) by Ian Muir.

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