Rastascan Records BRD 052 Six Fuchs

Six Fuchs

Wolfgang Fuchs, bass clarinet, sopranino saxophone; Tom Djll, trumpet, pocket cornet, balloon, hog caller; Tim Perkis, electronics; Gino Robair, energized surfaces; John Shiurba, guitar; Matthew Sperry, bass, preparations.
  1. An impish onus in the vogue (02.42)
  2. (Loosely) second iridescence (11.42)
  3. Buttery consort (18.22)
  4. An illegible memory (11.40)
  5. Ingot (teacup) minstrelsy (09.01)
  6. A touch of grandsire, up wrong (06.46)
Recorded on 16 May 2003 at Guerrilla Recording, Oakland.

Dedicated to Matthew Sperry (1968-2003)

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Steve Norton/Red Notebook.

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