Rastascan Records BRD 063 I, Norton: an opera in real time

Gino Robair

Gino Robair, composer, conductor, analogue processing, electronics, prepared/ebow piano, percussion with Tom Duff as Norton I, Aurora Josephson as Miss Minnie Wakeman and the 80-person "Orchestra Dei Gratia".
  1. Overture (07.32)
  2. The hall of comparative orations (E Clampus Vitus) (05.21)
  3. Mobs, parties, factions (part 1) including my dear & round Miss Wakeman (27.58)
  4. The committee of vigilence (mad scene) (03.34)
  5. Mobs, parties, factions (part 2) (09.50)
  6. Proclamation (03.35)
  7. Joshua Norton enters into heaven (11.54)
Recorded 2003-2008 Oakland and San Francisco, CA.

Drawings (front cover reproduced above) by Dennis Palmer.

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