Rectangle AB2 Orléans

Daunik Lazro/Claude Tchamitchian/Akosh Szelevemyi/Didier Levallet/Guillaume Orti/Eric Chalan/Maurice Merle/Jean Bolcaro

Four Albert Ayler-style saxophone/bass duos from: Daunik Lazro (baritone)/Claude Tchamitchian; Akosh Szelevemyi (tenor)/Didier Levallet; Guillaume Orti (sax en ai)/Eric Chalan; Maurice Merle (alto)/Jean Bolcaro.

  1. In hearts only [DL/CT] (08.15)
  2. Hudson [AS/DL] (07.43)
  3. A [GO/EC] (08.39)
  4. Les trois cloches [MM/JB] (04.42)
Recorded in France; no recording dates provided.

Front cover design (reproduced above) by Bolino.

Released on LP and CD.

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