Red Note 11 Which side are you on


Luc Ex, acoustic bass; Phil Minton, voice; Michael Vatcher, drums, Veryan Weston, piano.

  1. Airport insecurity (02.42)
  2. On reading, 'Anthology of 1000 poets' (05.25)
  3. Ces gens-la (05.33)
  4. Tales from the Hindu Tush (01.51)
  5. The skunk hath farted (03.25)
  6. If there are individuals you can tell from a distance don't like garlic (04.47)
  7. Which side are you on (03.13)
  8. Class struggle (02.24)
  9. Not all olives have pits: An under funded sense of wonderment (04.31)
  10. A milestone (02.30)
  11. Im Rhein (03.48)
Recorded at E-sound studio in September 2003.

Front cover drawing (reproduced above) Proofs by J. Mohrs.

"We didicate this CD to the memory of Paul Haines."

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