Red Toucan 9322 Somnambulist

Laura Andel Orchestra

Laura Andel Orchestra [Pamelia Kurstin, theremin; Ursel Schlicht, piano; Danny Tunick, vibraphone; Tatsuya Nakatani, drums; Kenta Nagai, fretless guitar; Reuben Radding, double bass; Carl Maguire, accordion; Kyoko Kitamura, voice; Jamie Baum, flute, electronics; Julie Kalu, bass trombone; Oscar Noriega, clarinet, bass clarinet; Sam Furnace, soprano and baritone saxophone; Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet; Stephanie Griffin, viola]: tracks 1-9.

Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra [Rebecca Shrimpton, voice; Jeremy Stein, flute (track 10); Hiro Honshuku, alto flute (track 11); Jim Hobbs, alto saxophone; Jeremy Udden, alto saxophone; Phil Scarff, tenor saxophone; Hans Indiigo, baritone saxophone; Scott Aruda, trumpet (track 10); Mike Peipman, trumpet (track 11); Keiichi Hashimoto, trumpet; Jim Mosher, french horn; Bob Pilkington, trombone; David Harris, trombone; Jim Gray, tuba (track 10); Ted Skeene, tuba (track 11); Art Bailey, piano (track 10); Jed Wilson, piano (track 11); Rich Greenblatt, vibraphone (track 11); Norm Zocher, guitar; Rick McLaughlin, double bass; Jerry Leake, percussion (track 10); Taki Masuko, percussion (track 11); Harvey Wirht, drums]: tracks 10-11.

All music composed and conducted by Laura Andel.

  1. Entering (04.41)
  2. Procession (04.06)
  3. Mosca (04.10)
  4. Noise machine (03.51)
  5. Drops (07.33)
  6. Whale singing (04.54)
  7. Fugue (04.29)
  8. Breathing machine (06.53)
  9. Waking up (05.13)

  10. In the midst (04.22)
  11. Murmur (06.02)
Somnambulist recorded on 25 October 2002 in New York; In the midst and Murmur recorded on 22 March and 5 May 2002 in Boston, Ma.

Graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by Chantal Claude; artistic director Michel Passaretti.

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