Red Toucan 9325 Amalgam(e): 10 ans de Red Toucan

Varous musicians

    Disc 1
  1. Charles Papasoff, baritone and soprano saxophone, flute; Baikida Carroll, trumpet, flugelhorn; Santi Debriano, bass; Pheeroan Aklaff, drums: Serious (10.32); from Papasoff RT9301 [1994]
  2. François Houe, clarinets; Tony Wilson, electric guitar; Dylan van der Schyff, percussion: Prayer (06.05); from Schizosphere RT9303 [1994]
  3. François Houe, clarinet: Song for Jeanne Lee (03.20); from Any terrain tumultuous RT9305 [1995]
  4. Joëlle Léandre, bass; François Houe, clarinet; Georg Graewe, piano: Such as it is (03.20); from Live @ Banlieues Bleues RT9306 [1996]
  5. Ron Samworth, guitar, effects; Peggy Lee, cello; Bill Clark, trumpet; Dylan van der Schyff, percussion: Deep pocket (08.04); from The mirror with a memory RT9307 [1996]
  6. Glenn Spearman, tenor saxophone; Lisle Ellis, bass; Donald Robinson, drums; James Routhier, electric guitar: Go left out of Shantiville (06.15); from Let it go RT9308 [1997]
  7. Dana Reason, piano; Peter Valsamis, drums, sampler: Border crossings, part I (03.25); from Border crossings RT9309 [1997]
  8. Roscoe Blur, tenor and soprano saxophone; Paul Plimley, piano; Danny Parker, bass; Dylan van der Schyff, drums: Stable chaos (06.43); from Stable chaos RT9310 [1997]
  9. Michael Jefry Stevens, piano; Mark Whitecage, alto clarinet, alto and soprano saxophones: Bittersweet (06.57); from Short stories RT9312 [1997]
  10. Joëlle Léandre, solo bass, voice: No comment #1 (06.01); from No comment RT9313 [1998]
  11. Andrew Drury, drums; Craig Flory, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Timothy Young, electric guitar; Phil Sparks, bass; Eyving Kang, violin; Brent Arnold, cello; Steve Moore, trombone: Polish theatre posters (04.22); from Polish theatre posters RT9314 [1998]
  12. Joëlle Léandre, bass, voice; François Houle, clarinet; Hasse Poulsen, acoustic guitar: C'est ça #7 (04.43); from C'est ça RT9315 [2000]
    Disc 2
  1. Nikolai Yudanov, drums; Peter Brötzmann, saxophones; Sakari Luoma, electric guitar: Monkey wrench (08.26); from Fryed fruit RT9316 [2001]
  2. Frank Gratkowski, alto saxophone, clarinets; Wolter Wierbos, trombone; Dieter Manderschied, bass; Gerry Hemingway, drums: Rotation (05.39); from Kollaps RT9317 [2001]
  3. John Butcher, saxophones; Gerry Hemingway, drums, percussion, sampler: Shooters and bowlers (05.00); from Shooters and bowlers RT9318 [2001]
  4. Achim Kaufmann, piano; Michael Moore, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet; Henning Sieverts, bass; John Hollenbeck, drums: Beq (05.44); from Gueuledeloup RT9319 [2002]
  5. Georg Graewe, piano; Frank Gratkowski, alto saxophone, clarinets; John Lindberg, bass: Arrears #2 (07.32); from Arrears RT9320 [2002]
  6. Joëlle Léandre, bass, voice; Masahiko Satoh, piano: Signature #4 (06.08); from Signature RT 9321 [2002]
  7. Joëlle Léandre, bass, voice; Masahiko Satoh, piano: Signature #C (05.06); from Signature RT 9321 [2002]
  8. Laura Andel Orchestra: Entering (04.41); from Somnambulist RT9322 [2003]
  9. Kyle Bruckmann, oboe, english horn; Jeb Bishop, trombone; Tim Daisy, percussion; Kurt Johnson, bass; Jen Clare Paulson, viola: Rather dour (06.18); from Wrack RT9323 [2003]
  10. Michael Vatcher, drums, percussion; Steuart Liebig, Eb contrabass guitars, applied tools; Vinny Golia, soprano saxophone, stritch, alto flute, clarinet: Transit (07.43); from On the cusp of fire and water RT9324 [2004]
  11. Dave Liebman, soprano saxophone, flute; Michael Gerber, piano: The empress (08.15); from Souls and masters CAC9901 [1999]
  12. Michael Jefry Stevens, piano: Hommage à Debussy (02.10); from Portrait in red CAC9902 [2001]
Graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by Marcel Boucher.

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