Red Toucan 9344 Ensemble X

Ensemble X

Martine Altenburger, cello; Tiziana Bertoncini, violin; Uli Böttcher, electronics; Xavier Charles, clarinet; Markus Eichenberger, clarinets; Nicolas Desmarchelier, guitar; Carl Ludwig Hübsch, tuba, ensemble initiator, catalyst; Harald Kimmig, vioiln; Dirk Marwedel, extended saxophone; Matthias Muche, trombone; Nils Ostendorf, trumpet; Ulrich Phillipp, double bass; Christoph Schiller, spinet; Angelika Sheridan flutes; Olivier Toulemonde, objects; Michael Vorfeld, percussion; Nate Wooley, trumpet; Eiko Yamada, recorders; Philip Zoubek, piano.

  1. X113 (16.53)
  2. X8 (19.52)
  3. X112 (15.53)
  4. X111 (13.07)
Recorded at Institut Français, Cologne on 11 December 2008 and at the Exploratorium, Berlin on 22 May 2011.

Cover design (front cover reproduced above) by Marcel Boucher.

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