Red Toucan 9348 9 compositions for The Multiple Joy[ce] Ensemble

Matthias Schubert

Scott Fields, guitar; Elisabeth Fügemann, cello; Sebastian Gramss, double bass; Frank Gratkowski, alto saxophone; Carl Ludwig Hübsch, tuba; Axel Lindner, violin; Udo Moll, trumpet; Matthias Muche, trombone; Matthias Schubert, conductor; Angelika Sheridan, flute; Holger Werner, clarinet; Phillip Zoubek, piano.

  1. Conlon Zoubeck (03.34)
  2. Moose (13.36)
  3. Anthonykowski (05.33)
  4. Duke Muche (05.08)
  5. Frith Fields (03.47)
  6. Boulevinsky (05.00)
  7. Ende der Zeit (07.54)
  8. Akkordstudie (08.39)
  9. John Müller (05.17)
Recorded 20 December 2012 at Loft, Cologne.

Painting (front cover reproduced above) The saxophonist M. Schubert by David Stern; graphic design by Marcel Boucher.

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