Creamgardens CRG 01 China copy

Jon Rose

Jon Rose, violins, Roland MS I sampler, Kawai K I synthesizer, amplified bow, interactive computer system; Juno [Timmy Lok & Allen Law], drum programming (tracks 6, 8).

  1. The key copiers of Beijing (05.09); samples from devices used to copy keys on the streets of Beijing
  2. Street cries (01.42); featuring 2 dumpling sellers from Beijing and a bamboo seller from Hong Kong
  3. The People's Music Instrument Factory (01.24); recorded in a factory on the outskirts of Beijing
  4. 'Talk back Chinese' (01.57); from a 1980s speech by Deng Xiou Ping and samples from a popular Hong Kong talkback radio station
  5. Joint ventures mix (03.26); as track 3
  6. Honglekongle (02.12)
  7. The sky lark violin (02.10); the ultra-cheap Chinese violin manufactured in its 100,000s for export around the world
  8. How I ruined the country (03.12); from a traditional Chinese opera
  9. Wild ducks (05.46); long strings played with an e-bow
  10. China chaos (16.56); an improvisation from the Chaotic Violin project
Recorded at the ABC, Sydney on 3-4 February 1997, and at Phantom, Hong Kong on 11-13 February 1997; samples are taken from recordings made in 1994 on an invitation from the first Beijing Jazz Festival.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Frank Baijer.

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