ReR CMCD Six classic concrete, electroacoustic and electronic works: 1970-1990

John Oswald/Georg Katzer/Lutz Glandian/Steve Moore/Jaroslav Krcek/Richard Trythall

  1. John Oswald: Parade USA, 1986: electroacoustic, plunderphonic (11.08)
  2. Georg Katzer: Aide memoire DDR, 1983: seven nightmares from the 1,000 year night... collage, electronic manipulations, composition with sound documents from 1933-45 (14.00)
  3. Lutz Glandian: Es lebe DDR, 1990: tape and tuba (02.01)
  4. Steve Moore: A quiet gathering UK, 1988 chamber music for environmental sounds (22.46)
  5. Jaroslav Krcek: Sonaty Slavickove Czechoslovakia, 1970 musique concrète (06.09)
  6. Richard Trythall: Ommagio a Jerry Lee Lewis USA, 1975 tapework, plunderphonic (06.33)

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