ReR HC1 Leg end (original mix)

Henry Cow

Geoff Leigh, saxophones, flute, clarinet, recorder, voice; Tim Hodgkinson, organ, clarinet, alto saxophone, piano, voice; John Greaves, bass, piano, whistle, voice; Fred Frith guitars, violin, viola, piano, voice; Chris Cutler, drums, toys, piano, whistle, voice.
  1. Nirvana for mice (04.56)
  2. Amygdala (06.57)
  3. Teenbeat introduction (04.32)
  4. Teenbeat (06.47)
  5. Extract from "With the yellow half-moon and blue star" (03.38)
  6. Teenbeat reprise (05.04)
  7. The tenth chaffinch (06.03)
  8. Nine funerals of the Citizen King (05.30)
Recorded at Manor Studios, May/June 1973.

Cover sock (reproduced above) by Ray Smith; design by Gregg Skerman.

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