ReR HC2 Unrest

Henry Cow

Tim Hodgkinson, organ, clarinet, alto saxophone, piano; John Greaves, bass, piano, voice; Fred Frith stereo guitar, violin, xylophone, piano; Chris Cutler, drums; Lindsay Cooper, bassoon, oboe, recorder, voice.
  1. Bitter storm over Ulm (02.18)
  2. Half asleep; half awake (07.59)
  3. Ruins (12.10)
  4. Solemn music (01.11)
  5. Linguaphonie (05.31)
  6. Upon entering the Hotel Adlon (03.04)
  7. Arcades (01.57)
  8. Deluge (05.24)
Recorded at The Manor, February/March 1974.

Cover sock (reproduced above) by Ray Smith; design by Gregg Skerman.

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