ReR HC3 In praise of learning (original mix)

Henry Cow

Tim Hodgkinson, organ, clarinet, piano; Chris Cutler, drums, radio; Fred Frith guitar, violin, xylophone, piano; John Greaves, bass, piano; Dagmar Krause, voice; Peter Blegvad, guitar, voice, clarinet; Anthony Moore, piano, electronics, tapework; Lindsay Cooper, bassoon, oboe; Geoff Leigh, soprano saxophone (track 1); Mongezi Feza, trumpet (track 1); Phil Becque, oscillator (track 4).
  1. War (02.31)
  2. Living in the heart of the beast (16.18)
  3. Beginning the long march (06.00)
  4. Beautiful as the moon - terrible as an army with banners (07.02)
  5. Morning star (06.02)
Recorded at The Manor, February to March 1975.

Cover sock (reproduced above) by Ray Smith; design by Gregg Skerman.

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