ReR JR5 The fence

Jon Rose

    The fence:
  1. Iron Curtain (03.17)
  2. The Peace Line (03.31)
  3. Two million soldiers (03.33)
  4. The green line (01.51)
  5. Wast bins provided (03.45)
  6. Our police (03.25)
  7. The shouting fence (02.40)
  8. Potsdammer Platz (03.33)
  9. The wrong place (04.22)
  10. Fortune tellers (02.01)
  11. Children's table (02.43)
  12. Fifteen of the best (00.20)

    Bagni di Dolabella:

  13. Introduction by one bored Baths guide (02.37)
  14. Bath technology (01.38)
  15. Preparations (01.02)
  16. The massage parlour (03.39)
  17. The chemical contents of the waters & spells for cures (05.09)
  18. List of diseases to be cured (05.26)
  19. Dolabella tells all (04.15)
'The fence is an experimental radio work, an endless Fence that circumnavigates the entire world, incorporating many of the conflict zones that seem unresolvable or remain as scars on the psychology of people who must live on each side of these artificially created borders.' It was produced for SFB in Berlin in August 1996.
Bagni di Dolabella: is 'a violinist's guide to the treatments and political intrigues of an Ancient Roman Bath.' It was produced between 20 and 23 September 1993 at The RAI Studios, Rome The Audio Box programme of Pinotto Fava.

Layout and design (front cover reproduced above) by Gregg Skerman.

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