ReR RDD Lung tree

Eric Glick Rieman/Lesli Dalaba/Stuart Dempster

Eric Glick Rieman, modified, prepared and extended Rhodes electric piano, piano, stomp boxes, MOTM modular synthesizer; Lesli Dalaba, trumpet; Stuart Dempster, trombone, didjeridu, garden hose, etc.
  1. Open credits/resolve (02.28)
  2. The dock-red ice (04.12)
  3. Walking ruminations (03.49)
  4. Timbral shift 10. Coward's line/lobby bar (04.12)
  5. Bed shadows into sleep (05.01)
  6. Waking by the refinery (06.10)
  7. Dissolution and redemption animals (dream 3) (06.12)
  8. Morning light through smokestacks (09.27)
  9. Talking into the wind (05.54)
Recorded 11/12 January 2004 at Jackstraw Production Studio 1, Seattle, WA.

Artwork and design (reproduced above) by Tim Schwartz.

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