Rossbin RS 003 A twist for all pockets

The Bohman Brothers

Adam Bohman, prepared violin, home-made strings, balalaika, objects, rubberbands, tape; Jonathan Bohman, percussion, strings, rods, cones, feedback piano, oscillators, hosepipe, sundries.
  1. Bondap dip (01.40)
  2. Moray and woodfall (Entertaining Mr Ghosh) (13.45)
  3. Nights of pipe and pastry (06.23)
  4. The marigold from probability Z (03.58)
  5. 8 port harmonies (12.29)
  6. Oneiro (20.27)
  7. Unconscious sauna (07.30)
Track 2 was recorded at the Charteris Community Centre, London on 19 November 1999; track 4 was recorded at Robert Powell's Greenhouse Concert, the Red Rose, London on 11 October 1998; track 6 was recorded at the 13th Note, Glasgow on 12 August 1998.

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